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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> denise: who wants to be a billionaire? you could be chose to having that much money if you hit the powerball. the jackpot is reaching a record high. we will have more on that just minutes away. >> david: certainly feels like the weather department is working. i went out to get my lunch and it was surprisingly beautiful. will we see the warm weather returning. >> >> denise: looks like it. jeff? shorts weather again? look at december. it could happen, right? >> jeff: maybe not. i wouldn't. the warmest temperature i have is 50 on the 7-day and big changes coming up. wasn't a surprise to me by the way. that's what hi in the forecast. all right forecast temperatures 31 at 8:00. downtown cleveland we have been seeing this the last few nights. in fact, it is quite warmer at
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cooler at 30 degrees at 2:00 31. here we stand currently after highs well in the 40s after the sun is going down. we have started the temperature drop. 37 mentor. 38 ashtabula. that's not shorts weather. i would wear the jacket at least outside if you are headed out. 45 dover new philly and columbiana. east side 37 and rock creek and 43 degrees in madison. so the headlines go like this. it is quiet tonight and seasonable. we have an alert for rain. that will happen tomorrow after 10:00 in the morning. i stress that because the morning commute should be fine and afternoon roads wet and changeable weekend ahead. it starts out very warm. won't finish out that way. sunday is many the colder air
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move back into the forecast and i will have more coming up. download the free first alert forecast app and can you get the area's most accurate forecast on the go. >> denise: let's talk about the cleveland browns. they are on the hunt for a new coach. >> mark schwab is live and who might be interviewing tonight. a revolving carousel. >> and a lot of guys they are talking to are available because they did not make the playoffs with the team. not sean mcdermott defensive coordinator of the carolina panthers. they earned a bye. and mcdermott has time to give the browns a few hours tonight. this reportedly will happen in charlotte. mcdermott was in philly and
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carolina ranked 11th against pass and hadth on the run. mcdermott dropped a hint at a philly radio station wanting the eagles job because of his previous life there and file that away. they will interview the former bills coach doug more an today. we know you will be on top of it. johnny is dealing new drama after being pulled over by north olmsted police. an officer spotted manziel's car on lorain and noticed the license plate was expired. dash cam does not have audio. like i said it was early saturday morning. manziel was reported to be in vegas saturday night. day? more on that at 6:00. together. >> denise: let's talk about winning football. new year, new players.
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nfl draft in the spring and head coach urban meyers says he is not worried about a thing, it just means nine more will step up. we will hear his reaction in about 15 minutes. cleveland police made an arrest of a 14-year-old accused much several aggravated robberies on the west side. police say he was using this fake gun loaded with fake bullets to commit crimes in the past two days. the replica revolver did not have the orange safety tip or safety markings. >> denise: an update on police cadets in columbus. the police union fought to keep the training at home saying it would be a hardship on families. paul orlousky found some of the cadets are dropping out. >> reporter: they arrived to begin what was surprised as a new police training going to the police academy rather than the cleveland police academy. the 135th cleveland cadet
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stress of being away from family and friends five days a week for four months. the original 50 cadets, 8 dropped out before the bus pulled away or first week of training. >> those are 8 people absolutely qualified and should be allowed in the cleveland police academy. >> the ccpa sued in court to prevent the training from being moved to columbus. the union cited hardship cadets were placed in being away from home and spouses and children for a long period of time. no one disagrees, training in columbus is tough and top notch. some question how it will transfer to inner city policing given the highway patrol's inexperience with those types of problems. >> there are other problems. drop outs from the 135th cadet class and 6 more dropped out and 2 in the process. after the first week they can't be replaced in the cadet class. of the 50 officers they hope to
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convention. cadets dropping out seller far above the attrition rate. >> reporter: paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> david: a richland woman accused of being a bank robber. the 43-year-old woman knocked in mansfield. she is charged with robbery. graham had four warrants for probation violations on two different cases. >> westlake police are looking for who they call the dyson duo. thieves got away in november with two vacuums. those things are expensive from bed bath and beyond and went back a couple of days later. there was a struggle with an employee who hurt her foot after the suspect's car hit her. the two were suspected of crimes township. extremely relieved and happy to say they are out. >> a happy ending after a night
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central new york. 17 miners got stuck in an elevator hundreds of feet underground. temperatures in the shaft were in the teens overnight. >> david: this mine is owned by cargill. 320 feet below the surface is the deepest salt mine in the western hemisphere. >> denise: correspondent kenneth craig has more on the rescue from new york. >> reporter: rescue crews brought the last of the trapped miners to the service every surface at 8:30 thursday morning. after a 10 hour ordeal hundreds of feet below ground. the workers were cold but spirits were high. >> i am moved and inspired by how well they dealt with this. they worked together. >> reporter: 17 miners were stuck in an elevator at the start of their shift after 10:00 wednesday night at the salt mine in lansing, new york. they were about the 00 feet underground when the elevator
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mine floor. officials say miners huddled together. crews lowered blankets and supplies until a large crane was brought in. >> it is a difficult task. not a lot of cranes are sitting willing and able to go to that depth. >> reporter: the miners were brought to the surface in groups? in true fashion they waited until they were all up. >> operations at the mine are on hold for now. safety inspectors investigate what caused the elevator to break down. >> reporter: kenneth craig, cleveland 19. >> the salt mine most recently makes mostly road salt and one of three mines operated by cargill and others are located in louisiana and of course the one here in cleveland. back in august of 2013 cargill temporarily stopped operations at the whiskey island mind and slight movement measured in the shaft located underneath lake erie sparking worries that the
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lake's floor. the operation resumed days later. >> david: today republic steel announced a temporary halt of operations in lorain meaning roughly 200 workers will be laid off. republic says layoffs will be staggered in the next few months. the lorain plant has been struggling due to low steel demand. >> denise: a national gas leak is spewing methane in a los angeles neighborhood. they issued a state of emergency. people who live there are getting sick and thousands are evacuated. the leak is sending 1200 tons of climate changing gas into the atmosphere every day. experts say it will be months before workers can stop it. >> people near the metro park zoo reported hearing explosions overnight. it happened while a fire was burning near pearl road. more than two dozen cars burned.
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>> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> let's give you a traffic update many coming home from dinner after work. this is the aaa camera in independence 480 and 77 and doesn't appear to be any problems. you can get traffic updates and alerts realtime on the cleveland 19 news app and download it free and click on the traffic tab. here is your chance to get out of cleveland on the cheap. today frontier airlines announced several nonstop routes out of cleveland hopkins airport at $39 one way fares las vegas, san francisco, philadelphia and portland, oregon set to begin april 14th. but you can buy the tickets now. frontier is bringing back seasonal service to atlanta, denver, raleigh-durham and seattle.
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cheap flights on or cleveland app. >> maybe you want to buy your own airline. no winner in the powerball jackpot pushing it to a record high. winnings saturday are an estimated $700 million. can you believe it. >> it could reach $1 billion. no one hit the big prize, maybe you didn't check your ticket, here is a look at the numbers from last night's drawing. >> dan: here's my prediction. they changed the rules and added more white balls and odds went from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 29 million. i don't think there will be a winner this time. i think they did that on purpose to get to the first billion dollar jackpot. >> odds of becoming president are better than that.
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sucking thousands from their bank accounts happening in northeast ohio.
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live from cleveland's newscenter this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: people in paris on edge after french police shot and killed a man they say tried to attack a police station. it happened as paris marked the
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attacks on the offices of the charlie newspaper. >> reporter: cell phone captured the moment the moment after french security forces captured a man with a butcher knife north of the capitol. authorities say the suspect shouted fearing a possible terrorist attack. the bomb squad moved in. the suspect was wearing a heavy jacket with what appeared to be wires sticking out. police say the suspicious device turned out to be a fake. french prosecutors say the man carried a piece of paper with the isis flag. locals say the man was known in the neighborhood as mentally unstable. >> the incident took place on the one-year anniversary of the deadly military attacks of the satirical magazine. >> denise: authorities say the
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attempted attack was from north africa. >> dan: we have a scam to warn you about. a man has been targeting senior citizens stealing thousands from their bank accounts. shanice dunning has details. >> this man tried to pull off the scam three times in the past week at rocky river and university heights and want to warn you before it happens again. it started with a phone call. that's what a woman told rocky river police last month after a man called her claiming to be a captain with the elyria police department. rocky river detective says the man told the woman someone was cashing bad checks through her bank account and to catch the criminals, police needed her help. >> eventually requested she help them in their investigation. in order to do that, work undercover so to speak and withdraw money from her own account to use as a bait for these criminals.
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80-year-old victim thought she was helping the suspect and went to three of her banks and citizens bank in rocky river and took out money. when it was said and done he walked away with $17,000 of her cash. >> she left it in a set location where that suspect then took the money. >> reporter: the suspect seemed to be targeting elderly women who are widowed and that case in december is the only they know of that the scammer pulled off. in the past week he made two other attempts in rocky river and one in university heights. >> it appears they are using the same kind of blueprint for their scam calling people but changing their name up and police departments. >> if you get a call that seems strange remember. >> a police officer would never contact you and ask you to withdraw cash or work undercover to help catch somebody. >> reporter: rocky river police know of that one successful case
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if this story sounds familiar to you or someone you know, contact the police. denise? >> thank you, shanice. >> denise: coming up next some buckeyes are going bye, bye and moving to the big leagues. hear what coach urban meyer had to say about losing some of his best players. >> jeff: all right. another look at downtown cleveland. a quiet night looking good. we have rain tomorrow. arctic air is lurking. yeah. it is lurking. up.
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the way they handled their business. you have to ask yourself why and everything is a why to me and i think because of the love of ohio state and more importantly love of teammates and coaching staff. >> dan: urban meyer very proud of what his team accomplished in the past two seasons despite the distractions that could have derailed buckeyes. and they are taking stock of the football program and reflect on the past and look at the future this won't include nine top players that will turn pro. >> carl is back from columbus and has more on the guys who bleed scarlett and gray. >> all ohio state football programs are a double-edged sword and great players mean wins and they know full well they can make lots of money at the next level. nine buckeyes who could have come back heard the siren call and could go pro and urban meyer reluctantly accepts this mass
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>> give up a last second field goal, other than that our team did a good job. >> they were addressing columbus and commending players for what they accomplished and the focused way they went about their business. case in puente zeke y'all eliott who blocked out distractions and the fiesta bowl. >> why would ezekiel eliott play so damn harold. his blocking was as good as it's ever been. i will ask that question. why did he do that? he did it for love of teammate and love of unit and culture here at ohio state. what does the future hold? the future is extremely bright. >> it will be back to like i said in 2014 hungry nasty mean team i hope. >> hungry and mean, more than likely and it will be a team missing nine top tier players
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call and go pro. >> the door is open now. a guy like hill we almost played him this year and wilson who busted his tail and getting through the injury bug and moore and all the players it is their time to shine and go. >> and the only one who apparently isn't going anywhere is urban meyer, his name linked cleveland. >> oh, yes. >> when asked about the browns coach meyer wouldn't name any nfl team which may or may not have contacted him. all he would say is he loved coaching at ohio state and his teams say they have gone 50-4 in the last four seasons. not too shabby. not at all. thank you, carl. all right. we have got pretty mild temperatures still after making it up in the 40s this afternoon here. a little cooler ashtabula 38 and down to 42 in cleveland.
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tomorrow, more or less even with additional cloud cover and you could see the rain that's moving through st. louis. that will be the next system or piece of energy giving us rain here tomorrow and louisville, kentucky in the 50s today. we could be near 50 saturday and this will be phase 1 here of the weekend set up. an active weekend weatherwise. a few clouds around currently and that's how the evening will go with a partly cloudy sky and city. cannot down to 22 and mainly light wind. >> let's first talk about temperatures tomorrow. 7:00 in the morning. warmer on the lakeshore and start out well in the 20s inland and 10:00 in the morning warming to the 30s and by 1:00 this is when the rain will be getting in here. >> i am still thinking we will make it up in the 40s before
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let's go hour by hour on the future view. dry for the morning commute there and here comes the moisture. by 1:00 in the afternoon, there you go. >> watch out for that. around a quarter inch of rain or so. it won't be particularly heavy. and looking at the future view rainfall and 4:00 in the afternoon and not much in the eastern counties here. >> cleveland around .13 inches and more in the sandusky area .2 and not enough to cause major issues and wet roadways. watch out for that. we have the alert in there for the nuisance rain. not heavy and not expected to affect the morning drive and afternoon travel and high risk of rain. >> in other words it will happen. >> becoming cloudy, rain after 10:00 a.m. we might see sun to
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morning before we cloud over and 45 will be the high as we look at the weekend. this will end as some drizzle tomorrow night into saturday morning. a lot of cloud cover. so right around 50. if we happen to see sun saturday we could be warmer than that. saturday night it looks like a steadier rain will redevelop and here comes the big front that will send the temperature down windy saturday afternoon and sunday night and lake-effect snow develops sunday night and monday looking dry. >> 30 the high and arctic front on tuesday. that will bring snow showers to the area. briefly up to 33 and wow big plunge in temperature. lake-effect snow wednesday and
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50 saturday and first drop and then the second drop with a high wednesday only 16 and 19 thursday. that's arctic air. denise, over to you. >> denise: this weather is making me sick. a lot of people. is the trump-cruz a ballots? others may be benefiting. the latest on campaign 2016 next. more on wall street worries investors worried should they buy, sell as stocks across the
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>> denise: here's a look at what's making headlines tonight. >> a 15-year-old male student attending school here at ginn academy collapsed bleeding about the face area. they don't know if it was his
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ems came and transported him to rainbow babies children's hospital where he died. >> reporter: i'm dani carlson in front of first district police headquarters in cleveland where a 14-year-old boy was arrested after being accused of a string of aggravated robberies with a fake gun. we sat down with steve loomis and addressed possible comparisons to the tamir rice case. >> reporter: i'm danielle nottingham in newhall, california. heavy rains and strong winds from el nio storms trigger mudslides on the west coast. >> dan: the clock is ticking and candidates for president, they know it. >> denise: yep. all the campaigns have packed schedules until they count down the days until first votes are cast in iowa and new hampshire. >> reporter: the sprint is on. god bless the great state of iowa.
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airplanes, cars and their own two feet, candidates for president are taking advantage of every second. ted cruz is in the middle of a tour of iowa and polls show him with the lead and counting on a victory. >> put on your coat and get in your truck and drive to the local junior high gymnasium and stand and caulk with us us. >> reporter: donald trump is hoping to edge out in iowa. the billionaire is sticking to the strategy that kept him in first place countless media interviews and big rallies, like this one at bernie sanders home state of vermont with a long line of people hours before the event. >> how long are you prepared to stay in line for? >> until now until i can get in. >> trump going big with ads and media appearances and candidates in the back of the pack going small. mike huckabee wrapped up a tour of all the 9 iowa counties and jeb bush holding town halls in
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shaking as many hands as he can positioning himself as best common sense alternative to trump. >> you get it done by bold plans in front of you. >> reporter: that lane in the presidential race is growing in new hampshire marco rubio attacking cruz and bush and responded with a positive ad touting his faith. >> the purpose of our life is to cooperate with god's plan. >> each move crucial with voters getting serious about making a decision who will earn their support. >> reporter: in washington i'm ryan nobody els. >> denise: "usa today"'s power rankings had donald trump still holding onto the number one spot, cruz 2 and rubio 3rd. >> dan: yesterday we told you about the british government considering banning donald trump from the u.k. and trump is saying go ahead and i will cancel a $1 billion investment.
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organization says any action to restrict donald's travels would force the organization to immediately pull out of two golf resorts planned in scotland. >> denise: vice president joe biden says he regrets his decision not to run for president in 2016 and says it was the right thing to do for his family and for him. it is the first time mr. biden spoke publicly about the decision since making his announcement in october. he also said we have two good candidates in hillary clinton and bernie sanders. for the latest on campaign 2016 can you download the cleveland 19 news app and it is free for your smart phone or tablet. >> dan: wall street chalked up another day of losses. investors are spooked by the stock market turmoil in china and what it might mean. hedda hedda daniels has more.
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average closed down more than 390 points. it was the 3rd triple digit loss of the week. >> once again, the trouble started in china where trading was automatically halted after stocks fell more than 7%. the market had been open for just 30 minutes. >> just that sense of oh, my god what's really going on. >> chinese regulators say they are suspending circuit breakers since they may be adding to the sense of panic. >> the market is way too volatile. speeding into volatility is considered a downturn in china's economy and whether the weakness will have a domino affect. >> if things slow down in china, the fear is asia will slow down and europe will slow down and naturally, the u.s. economy will also slowdown. >> wall street is hoping to find comfort in friday's labor report and another uptick in hiring
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turmoil overseas, the u.s. economy is still on track. street. money can't buy, can it buy happiness. coming up, what scientists say
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>> i was thinking i was not going to get shot. >> a tense situation for two teens in tulsa, oklahoma.
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they got for christmas made them a target for thieves. they were outside riding the boards. >> two men got out and grabbed the boards and took off. police have not made arrests. they may have been the most popular gift this year. don't bring your hoverboard to bowling state university. they are banning the board saying it is a matter of safety. the risk of buyers associated with lithium batteries is too great for the dorm setting. >> some spend their entire lives chasing happiness. apparently the easiest way to get it is to hire a housekeeper. that's what they say. researchers in canada found people doing more things they enjoy and earn less money are happier than the ones who work longer hours to earn more. how about it. >> if you want more quality time you should pay someone to do chores like house cleaning.
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that. >> i need to pay someone for hot tea right now. >> dan: i don't have a housekeeper but you come home and the house smells nice and it is cleaned, you feel great. >> jeff: it is good. once a month i get my apartment cleaned. that's all i need. all right. let's look at the high clouds over downtown cleveland. look at that shot. not looking january-like for sure. quiet and seasonable and rain morning. more likely to impact you during the afternoon and then we've got this changeable weekend ahead here. down to 39 in cleveland, northeast wind at 6 and cannot 43 and falling. further inland you are looking at colder temperatures than everybody else. here is a look at the hour-by-hour forecast in cleveland 33 at 11:00 and we
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at 5:31 tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. and we continue to go up from there. the alert will kick in after 10:00 a.m. tomorrow and for the rain and not expected to impact the morning commute but your afternoon. you have wet roads on the way. 7-day forecast, 45 tomorrow. that's the high. look at tomorrow night. we drop down to 42. very warm. 50 saturday with a little bit of light rain or mist in the morning. we plunge in temperature sunday. 43 will be the morning high through the 30s. rain and lake-effect snow on the way sunday night. mark, over to you. >> mark: thanks. a lot coming up at 6:00 including layoffs from lorain and republicans with the latest demands. johnny drama, the browns quarterback had traffic trouble. but it is when it happened is interesting.
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candidates, too.
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>> denise: a health alert tonight women who take oral contraceptives before their pregnancy do not increase birth defects according to harvard researchers. they found the number of birth defects regardless of contraceptive use. the end is near for some services at lakewood hospital. >> dan: sia nyorkor joins us with what will stay and go at the end of month next. >> reporter: we have known lakewood hospital will close and patient services will officially end next month. it is official. >> the announcement was made by the cleveland clinic and cease in-patient care. mayor mike summer says this is a long time coming over the
5:39 pm
lakewood hospital suffered a decline in the number of patients enrolling for patient services. >> 94% of services patients got from lakewood hospital even today were delivered on an outpatient service and almost all remained during the transition as we build this new out patient delivered system. >> reporter: the new facility will open across the street in 2018. until then, the current emergency department will remain open. last month lakewood city council voted to shutter the hospital and put a master agreement in place despite opposition from people who want to keep the facility open. all 860 lakewood hospital employees will be offered jobs in the clinic system and no one will be laid off. >> the mayor says health care is changing and time to look forward. >> what we need is something to serve citizens better in the
5:40 pm
strategy addresses those very well. >> the mayor says the 100-year-old hospital served the community well and intend to make the facility bigger and better. back to you. >> thank you, sia? >> this might warm you up. >> a smart mug. this is the ember smart mug promising to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for two hours with a rechargeable battery and ring at the bottom of the mug that lets you address the temperatures. how do you like it. the perfect temperature comes at a price. it is about $130. >> i am surprised this hasn't been invented before. >> the bottles are fantastic they sell them at starbucks and much cheaper and great for hot or cold beverages. >> as a mom i need to know these things. >> well, the other day we told
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television to roll up out of the consumer electronics show in las vegas. >> well, here it is. >> that's television 18-inch display. we found out it will not be sold this year and possible it may never hit stores and not totally clear why you would want to roll up or bend to your television much like when automaker at car shows display concept cars lg tv's are meant to show off what is possible. >> there you go. >> can you check out more gadgets and there's a ton of them on display at the consumer electronics show on the free cleveland 19 news app. >> you ain't going to pull no steve harvey here. >> i love how sheryl underwood took control. >> like a kanye moment at the people's choice awards. that speech crasher wasn't the
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet.
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night choice moments at the people's choice awards. >> including a wardrobe malfunction for actress dakota johnson. >> lesley just broke my dress. okay. so, it is not like nobody here hasn't already seen my boobs. >> all righty. she was referring to her hit movie 50/50 and turned 50 shades of red in the process. >> social media star. >> kinda reminds you of the miss universe pageant and announced the right winner and showing the wrong guy on camera. the real winner you can see behind them did get the statue and not 15 seconds on camera. >> poor guy. >> the guy in the front is like oh! >> a lot of stuff going on there. >> coming up at 6:00 we have a
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hundreds of thousands of people may have had their e-mails and passwords stolen. we will tell you what you need to do. >> our view of the day. elise sent this beautiful picture sent to us today from lakewood park. look at that sky. we want to see your photo. e-mail them to >> now this is a cleveland 19 news editorial. >> i am former head coach of the cleveland browns. wisdom is the daughter of experience. the browns are once again ignoring the past and writing the same script they must analyze and be affect past decisions and engage a different model. sashi brown has no experience and given title of director of football operations with the final say over roster and role of interviewing coaching candidates. hiring a coach first will prevent the team from getting the most qualified general
5:45 pm
look at the history and analytics of hall of famer bill and gm and architect of indianapolis superbowl teams led by peyton manning. he also built the buffaloes four-time superbowl team anchored by a hall of famer jim kelley. another example hall of fame ron wolf architect of oakland and green bay title teams anchored by mvp's jim plunkett and brett favre. the browns must have a field of dreams vision. if you build it, he will come. talent like jon gruden an ohio guy and superbowl coach or bill cowher played for the browns and superbowl coach enticed to cleveland if napoleon or wolf were here. new england, green bay, denver, the list goes on for franchises that rely on tried and true analytics to win.
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go. hire the general manager and hires the director of player-personnel and the two hire the head coach. let's find experience, decisionmakers to escape this 15 year nightmare. thank you. >> we encourage your response to this editorial. e-mail your response to
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now at 6:00 a local teenager accused of armed with a toy gun victims. news in lorain. steel getting cuts. johnny drama video of his recent traffic problem. the big question where was he going after this. >> live from cleveland's newscenter cleveland 19 news starts now. a big change in the works in the weather department. >> mark: tomorrow is a first alert weather day with rain and our temperatures on a significant rise. jeff tanchak tracking the latest. hey, jeff jeff tanchak
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that will change big time.
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